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Trained and certified as a Relational Life Therapist by Terrence Real, renowned therapist and author of four national best sellers: "Us: Getting Past You & Me to Build a More Loving Relationship"; "The New Rules Of Marriage"; “I Don’t Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression”; "How Can I Get Through to You?", my primary goal is to assist you in achieving a rewarding and fulfilled life.  It is when we find ourselves stuck in behavioral patterns that sabotage what we truly long for in life and in our relationships – to be connected and loved – that things at times can feel unbearable and love unattainable. We feel we have failed, we feel ashamed, or we become indignant to our pain.

You will learn how to deal with that part of you that does not want to use the skills that you may have acquired from other therapies.  Our reactivity to stressful situations in our adult relationships subconsciously stem from our childhood adaptations to protect ourselves from further emotional pain.  You will begin to recognize how your habitual responses and reactivity to triggers, propelled by conditioned negative core beliefs, now only serve as maladaptive attempts at achieving connection with yourself, your partner or loved ones.  Through continued conscious awareness and self-mastery, you will be guided to learning more beneficial and healthier responses to your emotional distress.

We all have our own approximation of what is true, our own perception of reality. While we think and feel that our way is THE way, what we really long for is to find a way in which our own experience of truth is honored and to have the ability to respect the truth of others.  In Relational Life Therapy© we strive for a contemptuous-free life and full-respect living in spite of differences in our perceptions. 


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