Relationship Coaching using the Enneagram and Enneagram Coaching

How is coaching different from therapy?

Although both modalities can help you get to a better place than where you began, in therapy we focus more on the symptoms of a mental illness (such as depression, anxiety, etc.) or other significant emotional and relational concerns, often stemming from difficult life situations  or ongoing life adversities. Coaching is designed to help you elevate your skills to achieve performance in the area in which you are struggling and is usually for shorter periods of time than therapy.

When would I choose coaching over therapy?

  • When you do not wish to receive a mental health diagnosis - this diagnosis will remain on your mental health records in perpetuity.  When going through insurance, your clinician will always need to give you a mental health diagnosis in order to be reimbursed for their services.
  • If you are requesting services and do not live in Connecticut or in the United States.

How does working with you as a Relationship Coach differ from other coaches?

I am in the unique position to not only assess your relational issues from a systemic and psychologically based perspective, but in using the Enneagram, working with me will also give you an objective view of your habitual patterns that strain the relationships you have and cause you to struggle in the way in which you do.  Coaching using the Enneagram generates mindful personal and relational awareness and understanding in a more efficient and effective manner and resulting in a more compassionate and connected relationship to yourself and others.  

When would I choose Enneagram Coaching?

  • If you are a mental health clinician new to the Enneagram
  • If you are an individual interested in improving your relationships through mastering self-awareness

I invite you to listen to what I say about using the the Enneagram in couples work in my podcast: and on Spotify.



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