It’s pretty hard to summarize how impactful and life changing it has been working with Louisa. Louisa’s wide range of specialties I feel are not only unique but very powerful and effective. I have spent many years in therapy with countless therapists, Intensive Outpatient groups, and many other treatments and nothing has been able to deliver anything close what this talented woman has done for me. Louisa has helped me gain a profound understanding of myself, with her specialty in Enneagram work. Her gentle yet direct approach has been exactly what I have needed and has allowed for me to see things about myself I was blind to before. Louisa not only possesses great skills but also has empathy and compassion that can be felt. The combination of her skills and who she is make her the greatest in my opinion and my experience with many others.
     Louisa also helped me to establish greater levels of communication and understanding with my wife. She helped us to learn about each other and ourselves through her knowledge of the inner child work. She played a huge part in transforming my life and my marriage. It is quite amazing to me to see what my wife and I have been able to achieve as a result of working with her. I highly recommend Louisa to anyone in need of therapy and to anyone looking for guidance in the strengthening the relationship with their spouses. ~ Dana, 37

     Louisa has helped us to open our eyes to ourselves and each other in a way we never thought possible. Through reading, coaching and practice in weekly sessions we have grown as individuals and more importantly as a couple. We have learned through the Enneagram who and how we operate as individuals. We have gained an appreciation for our own qualities as well as the ability to not take those of our partner personally. Through Terry Real and the constructs of Relational Life Therapy, we have begun to view situations, conflict, and each other in a totally new light. Couples therapy has been a long journey for us. One that we will need to keep up with for the duration of our marriage. A marriage we now both are fighting hard to save because of Louisa’s insight, persistence, and dedication. We no longer say “but,” in our daily lives. “And” is more relational. “And” allows both of our feelings and actions to be true and valid in the same sentence. It is through this realization, the idea that one of us is not right or wrong at any given time, that we have been given the freedom to live more true to ourselves and open our hearts to our partners needs and desires as well. We are forever grateful for our work together with Louisa! ~ Sara & Andrew

     Infidelity is one of the most soul crushing acts the human mind can attempt to understand and endure. You can try to navigate recovery on your own but it’s close to impossible. This is where Louisa Krause comes in. I have worked with Louisa in both one-on-one and couples counseling. She is a master at first helping you regain a sense of calm so you can function daily and then she digs deep to help you and your partner get to the core of what happened and establish a communication game plan. Her ability to interpret my pain and reiterate it in a way that hit home for my spouse was a game changer in our relationship. She has single-handedly taught us how to re-connect and our marriage has never been better. I’m so grateful for her expertise. ~ Anonymous

     In our work together, Louisa has proven to be an incredible resource and sounding board. Her ability to listen, digest and then shed light on one’s behavior – patterns, motivations, habits, triggers – has been most welcome and impressive.  Her combination of empathy and firm feedback makes her session work and broader lessons all the more impactful.  Her use of the Enneagram has been similarly beneficial as it has helped me better understand many of the ‘why’s’ of my personality and behavioral + emotional tendencies, both the positive and those that are counterproductive. Since I started working with Louisa, I have become more aware of certain keystone personality traits and triggers; as a result, I have begun to live more consciously with more control of my emotions, yielding a deeper awareness of how I’m behaving and subconscious factors at play that may be influencing that behavior. There is no doubt: working with Louisa has improved my life and my most valued relationships. ~ Drew, 37

     Louisa introduced me to the Enneagram and it was a game changer for my relationship with my spouse, as well as how I move through life communicating with others. The personality test was not only accurate, it was incredibly insightful. It allowed me to have compassion for myself and for others (especially my spouse) because it opened the door to how and why we think the way we do. This tool is a mind reader of sorts, providing a birds eye view into behavioral patterns and why they occur. For me, it resulted in major aha moments and allowed for deeper connection in my most cherished relationships. ~ Anonymous

     I had called multiple therapists and viewed many profiles.  Louisa was the only one who called me back despite her schedule being full.  Upon hearing the desperation in my voice, she directed me to her website to be sure we would be a good fit and to fully understand the kind of work she does.  After reading, I knew she was the one.  What a journey it has been!  What began as wanting to save my marriage ended up saving me. Using the tools, I learned about the Enneagram and to identify who I am. I learned to accept who I am. I learned to like who I am. I am now still a work in progress, learning to love who I am.  Louisa is truly gifted.  She is patient and kind but make no mistake, she will challenge you.  She doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, but rather, what you need to hear.  I highly recommend her to anyone who truly wants help and has the courage to do what is necessary to attain it. ~ Bruce W, 50

     Working with Louisa has been unlike any other therapy that I have experienced.  It has been phenomenal and after having tried working with other even renowned therapists on the infidelity in my marriage, I feel she should be charging three times the amount. I felt truly validated and understood, and she helped me understand things in ways I could not express before.  I am very grateful for the many changes in our marriage since and can only highly recommend her. ~ Anonymous, female, 52

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